Khaled Abdelhay

'It always seems impossible until it's done.'

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وما زال المؤمنون يقولون: ربنا، ربنا في السرّ والعلانية حتى استجاب لهم!
الحمد لله ربّ العالمين :)

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Anonymous asked: When will u go to germany?

I don’t know, but I wish as soon as possible…

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superlockbeatlesmania-tylerphan asked: Me again, so are you a British English or an American English speaker عفواعلى الازعاج

Welcome you again :).. It doesn’t really matters, but about the accent I’m more American, but I wish I can get the British accent, it’s very awesome and I’m actually practicing on it..
ما في إزعاج ولا شي ، أتشرف بمرورك :)

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superlockbeatlesmania-tylerphan asked: Hey , from you're bio I can see that you are trilingual. How did that come about. And which country do you live in? Thanx in advance and sorry for bothering you.

Hey, I’m from Palestine. My original language is Arabic, simply learned English in school and kept practicing, and German came when I decided to study Uni. in Germany so I had to learn a little of the language in my country first as a condition, and BTW I didn’t go to Germany yet, but soon enough I wish. Not at all, happy to answer any of your questions :)

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aseel9333 asked: What tumbler means to u Can u ask me question plzzz

Part of my life. I will 😊.

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أنا عند حسن ظن عبدي بي ، فليظن بي ما يشاء
فوّضتُ أمري إليك

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‏لقد لقِيتُ الحادثاتِ فما جرى
دمعي كما أجراه يومُ فراقِ
وَعَرَفْتُ أيامَ السرور فلم أجد
كرجوعِ مُشْتاقٍ إِلى مُشْتاقِ